Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Secure A Tank - Fix The Gap Review #FixTheGap

We moved into our home just over 5 years ago & since that time we've come across a lot of DIY home improvements that the previous owners attempted but didn't do a very good job. So we've been working on projects on a room-to-room basis as we save enough money. The bathroom is scheduled for a complete makeover but until that time we're dealing with an uneven floor that I believe was the result of plumbing problems & was never fixed correctly. So this Secure A Tank - Fix The Gap has come in really handy!

Because we have a slightly uneven bathroom floor, the toilet sits not quite straight & leans out from the wall just a bit. This means that if someone sits down too hard, the tank moves & sometimes hits the wall. And I will admit that I sometimes stand on the toilet seat in order to reach items that I've stored on top of the bathroom storage shelves that I can't reach. This also causes the toilet tank to move around.

We've tried a couple of different fixes for this problem, but nothing seems to stay attached to the wall or just ends of getting squashed after months of being pushed by the toilet tank. Since we've had this product, we have worried a lot less about visitors who don't take as much care as we do when sitting down on our toilet.

The Secure A Tank is an adjustable brace that is easy to attach to the toilet tank. The lid fits right over the clips & it is not even noticeable because the brace is clear. It can be cut to whatever size you need depending on the size of the gap between your toilet tank & the wall. There are four braces in the package. One brace is attached to each side of the toilet tank & makes it very stable.

So. Here is what I think about the Secure A Tank - Fix The Gap: This is just what we were looking for, we just didn't know it existed! This product has worked perfectly for almost a month now. We are no longer worrying that we will have an expensive leak or have to replace the toilet before we are ready to remodel the entire bathroom later this year or next year. I like that this product is so easy to install & will fit any toilet tank.

And I especially like that this product is Made In the U.S.A.!

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