Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spring Produce! Another great haul from Bountiful Baskets!

I contributed for my basket of fresh produce from Bountiful Baskets this week & it reminded me that I never showed you guys what I got the last time I picked up my goodies! Back on May 23rd, I brought home a huge haul of goodness! It had been almost a month since my last contribution, so I got a regular basket plus two of the add-on items.

This is my regular basket: 
2 green leaf lettuce, 5 yellow squash, 2 cucumbers, 16 ounces Heirloom Rainbow 
mini-carrots, 3 tomatoes, 1.5 pounds seedless red grapes, 10 Fuji apples, 6 limes, 
7 nectarines,  5 bananas &  a cantaloupe.

This is the Picnic Pack add-on: 
5 pounds potatoes, 2 yellow onions, cabbage, iceberg lettuce, 
1.5 pounds seedless red grapes, 16 ounces strawberries & a watermelon.  

And this is the BBQ Pack add-on: 
6 ounces Portabello mushroom caps, 4 red corn-on-the-cob, 3 bunches of green onions, 
3 yellow bell peppers, 3 orange bell peppers, 2 zucchini, 2 yellow squash, 
8 Anaheim peppers, 16 ounces Heirloom mini-tomatoes.  

I got all of this for only $43.25 (which includes the $3.50 which is added to each order in Texas to contribute to the fuel costs for the trucks). There were no surprises this time. I like when we get a new fruit or veggie that we've never tried before. But I was so happy with all of this!

If you want information about Bountiful Baskets, you can go here to read the New Participant Information.

I'll be volunteering to unload the truck & fill the baskets this Saturday & I'll be bringing home a regular basket but no add-on items this time. I can't wait to see what I get!

Until next time....