Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Product Review: Top It Off - Eco Friendly - Wine Stoppers (4 Pack) #mindbodyactive

My husband loves a glass of wine but I'm not really a wine drinker. I like what he calls "girly" wine. You know, like wine coolers or Arbor Mist with the fruity flavors. His bottles of wine come with corks, mine come with screw tops. But I thought he would like to have these Top It Off - Eco Friendly - Wine Stoppers.

When these wine stoppers arrived, the only thing I could say was OMG! How cute are these!! Check out the cute sayings on these reusable silicone bottle stoppers: Sip Happens, Liquid Therapy, Wine Not? & Rough Day. I think they are adorable! So I showed them to my husband & told him that instead of trying to get the cork back in the bottle of wine, he could use one of these wine stoppers. He looked at me like....what?....unfinished wine?...that's not usually a problem! But I pointed out that there have been times that we have friends over & too many bottles get opened at the same time & not all of them get emptied so this would be the perfect solution. He had to agree!

These wine stoppers are flexible so they will fit just about any bottle that you've got so don't just use them for wine bottles. They are made of food safe silicone & are easily washed with warm soapy water so they are ready to reuse. We have used them on several different bottle sizes & have even laid a bottle on it's side with no leaking.

I think these wine stoppers would be really cute in a wine gift basket or as a birthday, college graduation or Just Because gift. Or when you go to that cookout at your friend's house this summer, don't just take a bottle of wine. Take reusable wine stoppers too & you'll definitely get invited back!

You can purchase these Top It Off - Eco Friendly - Wine Stoppers on Amazon.


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