Monday, June 15, 2015

Product Review: Multi-Function LED Headlamp for Hands Free Lighting #headlamp

How many times have you been working by yourself & need to put a little more light on the subject but you’ve only got two hands so you can’t do the work plus hold a flashlight? Well, that is where this Multi-Function LED Headlamp from Aennon comes in handy!

There are so many times that my husband is working on a project around the house & he has to come find me because he needs someone to hold a flashlight because he can't see well enough. This headlamp is really handy to have for these situations. The headlamp is lightweight & is attached to elastic straps that fit around & over the top of your head. The straps are adjustable so you can wear this directly on your head or over a cap. It has padding on the back of the headlamp where it rests on your forehead. It is comfortable to wear & stays put once you have it adjusted to the proper size. This headlamp comes ready to go with batteries included so you can use it as soon as it arrives.

There is a black button on the front that you push to cycle through the different lighting modes: low, medium, high, red & off. The headlamp also swivels up & down so you can get the light directly where you need it most without having to constantly shift your head. This has really come in handy since we've had it & has saved a lot of frustration. It will be great to have when we go camping too.

Another product that I received from Aennon is the Large LED Worklight Flashlight. As soon as I saw this worklight, I knew that my husband would love it! This product also comes with batteries so you can use it as soon as you get it & I tried it out immediately. One push of the power button turned on the flashlight & another push turned it off. Push it again & the really really bright worklight comes on & then another push turns it off. I’m really impressed with how bright this light is.

The 3-position stand lets you rotate the light to the best angle for whatever you are working on & it stays balanced. There are also a couple of magnets in the base so that it will hold to metal surfaces. There is also a swivel hook to hang the light when there is no place for it to stand. My husband loves that he can hook it under the hood of the car for extra light when he’s working on it. We’ve used this light inside the house for repair projects & outside in the work shed. This worklight/flashlight is also nice to have for power emergencies & to take on camping trips.

I also received the Compact LED Worklight Flashlight. This compact LED light is a perfect addition to the emergency kit that we keep in the trunk of our car. When we travel, we always take a flashlight of some sort that I can grab to toss in a backpack when we go walking or hiking, to take into the hotel room to find things at night when others are sleeping & a million other reasons.

This light comes with the batteries that you need to operate it so it’s ready to go as soon as you receive it. Just push the power button & it turns on the flashlight, then push it again to turn it off. Another click turns on the really bright worklight & one more click turns it off. There is a swivel hook so you can hang this light wherever you need it & position it where you need the light to shine. There is also a magnet on the back that will hold tight to metal surfaces. You will find so many ways to use this compact LED light.

All of these lights would make a great gift for a birthday, college graduation or Father's Day. They can all be purchased on Amazon & they are all currently marked down for a Father's Day sale.
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