Monday, June 8, 2015

Product Review: Digital Luggage Scale Bundle from Gear District #luggagescale

When we travel, we prefer road trips. But sometimes it's just not an option like when we went on our vacation to South Africa or if we want to take a long weekend & driving would be too time-consuming. Those are times that we have to fly & since we don't do it very often we are always surprised to see how much tickets have gone up but also how many more fees the airlines charge. Any way that we can avoid extra charges is something that we want so this Digital Luggage Scale from Gear District will help avoid those overweight baggage fees.

The first thing I had to do when this luggage scale arrived was to install the battery. Simple enough right? Wrong! The instructions say to "pay attention to the polarity signs inside the battery compartment" but I couldn't find them. It's one of those flat round batteries so I didn't know which way it went & neither way seemed to work. I waited for my hubby to get home from work & asked him to help me. He had a bit of trouble as well, not figuring out which way the battery went but just getting it to fit. But he got it done & I was ready to test the scale.

This luggage scale has a sleek stainless steel design & is easy to grip with just one hand or with both hands (if your luggage is really that heavy). The buckle & strap are sturdy & easy to attach to the handle of your bags. Press the power button & the digital display lights up. It is a large display with a blue backlight that makes it really easy to read. You can toggle through the different units of weight: Kilograms, Grams, Pounds, Ounces. There is also an overweight indicator in case you've packed way too much into that bag! And the scale has an automatic shutoff if it is left unused for more than 90 seconds.

But don't just use this to weigh your bags & then go on your trip! Toss it into your carry-on bag & take it with you so you can weigh your bags on the way back home once they're packed with all of your trip souvenirs!

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