Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Product Reviews: BriaUSA Multi-Purpose Black Velvet Suit Hangers #BriaUSAShirtHangers BriaUSA Dry Wet Orange Amphibious Hanger ABS #ABSOrange

When we buy new clothes, I usually go to one of the Big Box stores & grab a package of plastic hangers. Because I go to different stores & sometimes certain hangers are on sale, we've got a mixture of colors going on in our closets. When I donate clothes to local charities, I usually grab a few of my more brightly colored hangers & donate those too. I'm trying to get down to just black, grey & white hangers. I don't know why. It's just what I want! So these hangers that I'm reviewing from BriaUSA are fitting in perfectly!

First, I received a 10-pack of BriaUSA Multi-Purpose Black Velvet Suit Hangers. These hangers have a very slim design so I wasn't sure that they would work for my intended purpose. I want to change out the hangers in our entryway coat closet so that they all match but I wasn't sure that these would hold some of our heavier winter coats. But they do!

These suit hangers have notches on each side that really help keep the shoulders of your garment in place & prevents it from sliding off of the hanger. The steel swivel hook is sturdy & durable. Because the hangers have a slim design, I can fit more into my closet space than I could with my larger hangers that I was using. And it looks really nice to have all of our coats hanging on these sleek black hangers.

I also received a 10-pack of BriaUSA Dry Wet Orange Amphibious Hangers. These hangers have the same slim design as the suit hangers. They have a very unique S-shaped top design to avoid stretching collars so I knew that my husband would want these for his dress shirts.

These hangers have a non-slip rubberized coating to keep garments from slipping off of the hanger & so that they can be used to hang wet clothing that you prefer not to put in your dryer. And something that none of my other hangers have is the slot for hanging scarves or ties with the garment that you wear them with. These hangers also have the steel swivel hook & they are made of a sturdy plastic.

Both of these hanger sets are backed by a full Money-Back Guarantee! So if you're ready to update the look of your closet for not a lot of money, these hangers sets are a great place to start!

You can purchase these hangers on Amazon. Click here for the Multi-Purpose Black Velvet Suit Hangers & click here for the Dry Wet Amphibious Orange Hangers.

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