Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Product Review: Strength Stack 52 Tri Pack #Strengthstack52

Something that I have heard all of my life is "Variety is the spice of life!" I completely believe this is true because any time we get into a rut or things stay the same for too long, we get bored & lose interest in whatever it is that we used to love. One of the areas of my life where I really need variety is exercise. I have really good intentions when I begin a new exercise routine but, if it's just the same old thing day after day, I lose interest really quickly & end up just stopping altogether. With this Strength Stack 52 Tri Pack, exercise will never be a dull routine again!

Strength Stack 52 is a bodyweight exercise card game. That means that you do not need anything extra in order to do these exercises. No gym membership, no equipment, just your own bodyweight. So all you do is play a game & you'll get a great workout! Sounds easy, right? Well, maybe not. This game was created by a military fitness expert, Sergeant Michael Volkin, to help his mother recover from cancer. He then introduced it to his friends, family & fellow soldiers where it was a hit & was even used by the US Army in Iraq. So I was a bit intimidated at first because how was I ever going to be able to do exercises that our military uses? I mean, those guys are in shape! So. Here's the breakdown of this fitness game.

First, there is the Strength Stack 52 Deck. There are 52 cards, each with the name of an exercise & a silhouette showing how to perform the exercise. There is a video link to each exercise so you can actually watch Sergeant Volkin demonstrate the exercise. In this deck there are 18 Core/Ab, 9 Chest, 11 Cardio, 10 Legs & 3 Arms exercise cards plus a Wild Card for the games.

The Strength Stack 52 Expansion Pack comes with an additional 52 cards. In this deck you will get 17 Core/Ab, 4 Chest, 4 Cardio, 20 Legs & 3 Arms exercise cards plus a Wild Card.

And finally....the name says it all....the Strength Stack 52 Insane Pack! This is a small deck & only has 12 cards but they are described as "the hardest bodyweight exercises known to man"!! I've looked at these cards but have not even attempted these exercises because I'm still working on the Beginner moves from the other decks.

The decks are color-coded, suited & numbered so you can use them in games to challenge others or just use them to switch up your exercise routine on your own. Each card shows if the exercise is rated B=Beginner, I=Intermediate or A=Advanced. It's a fun way to exercise & I never do the same exercises two days in a row!

So you never have to think of exercise as dull & routine ever again. You can purchase the Strength Stack 52 Tri Pack on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Exercise-Cards-Tri-Pack-Instructions/dp/B00EQCH4N4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1433870488&sr=8-1&keywords=Strength+Stack+52+Tri+Pack.

Then go to the Strength Stack 52 website to check out all of the games & learn the rules. Have fun, get fit!


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