Friday, May 15, 2015

PURGGO Car Eco-Purifier Review #purggo

If you're like me, you've tried a lot of different products to keep your vehicle smelling fresh. We've tried the air fresheners that hang from the mirror, the type that clip onto the AC vents, the canisters with holes in the top that you just keep under the seat, air freshener sprays & just about anything else that we've run across. They all work for a few weeks or a month, but then they need to be replaced. This PURGGO Car Eco-Purifier is advertised to last for 365 days in your car. That's a whole year!!

This Car Eco-Purifier is different from all those other car fresheners because it doesn't just disguise or cover up the stale odors in your car, it absorbs & eliminates them. This product is sustainably made of 100% bamboo charcoal & the outer cover is made with hemp. These are two of the most renewable natural resources & neither require any artificial fertilizer to grow. The bamboo charcoal is like a big sponge which traps the odors & purifies the air. All you have to do is put your Car Eco-Purifier in the direct sunlight for at least an hour once a month to remove excess moisture so that it continues to work with optimal odor elimination.

I have used this eco-purifier in two of our vehicles. First, I put it in our car for a week & was happy that the air just smelled fresh every time we got in instead of having an artificial fragrance that doesn't really smell real. Then I put it in my son's truck because he leaves food, shoes, clothes & odd bits of trash in there so it's not very pleasant when I have to ride with him. I specifically told him not to clean out the cab of the truck but just leave everything like it was & see what effect the eco-purifier would have. I was very impressed that this product helped the odors! Now it's time to take it out & let it recuperate in the sunshine before we put it back in there. I was skeptical at first because I didn't think that anything except a thorough scrubbing would make that truck smell good again but this Car Eco-Purifier has done the job!

This product is fragrance-free, allergen-free, all natural & non-toxic. Since we all suffer from seasonal allergies, this is exactly the type of product that we love!

So stop buying those artificial fragrances to just cover up the odors in your car & switch to a product that will eliminate them. You'll also save money because you won't be buying refills or replacements every month.

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