Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pruning our plants with the help of these Ratchet Pruning Shears from Ezy Pruners #ezypruners

We had rain for days & days & days earlier this year & our yard was so flooded that we couldn't even go out there! But now the rain has ended, the sunshine has returned & our plants are recovering from being waterlogged. We have several bushes that don't like a lot of water because they are native to Texas, where we live. So now we're pruning the dead limbs from trees & bushes so these Ratchet Pruning Shears from Ezy Pruners are really coming in handy.

I don't usually do the pruning in our backyard. That is a job that my husband has always done & he enjoys it. But since I need to review these pruners, I went outside to find out what branches I could cut to see how these work. My husband suggested that I wear gardening gloves to get a better grip & keep from getting blisters. So I put on my gloves & got ready to prune!

I cut a few small branches from some of our bushes & the pruners were easy to use. They were easy to grip & felt comfortable in my hand but I was unable to cut any larger branches because my hands are not big enough & the handles spread too wide. I tried cutting with both my left hand & my right hand to see if there was any difference & I was able to cut branches either way. Then I gave the pruners to my husband because he has more experience using gardening tools. He said that the ratcheting system on these pruners make them very easy to use without exerting as much pressure . In fact, once he started using them he forgot all about the project he had been working on & finished pruning all of our bushes & small trees.

These are 8" ratchet pruners with a carbon steel blade & teflon coating. They come packaged with clear instructions for using & caring for your pruners.

You can purchase a pair of Ratchet Pruning Shears on Amazon.


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