Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bring your favorite brew home in this MIRA Stainless Steel Beer Growler #BeerGrowler

One of the best things about the area that we live in is the number of craft brewers that have opened in the last 10 years. We are big fans of craft beer & love to "Drink Local" in order to support these brewers. One way that we can bring home our favorite craft beers (other than spending some big bucks in the beer stores) is to go to tasting rooms and bars that fill growlers. This 64-ounce MIRA Stainless Steel Beer Growler is going to get a lot of use!

A beer growler is a container that is used to transport beer from once place to another without losing quality or flavor. We have a few growlers that we bought from breweries when we purchased their beer to bring home, but all of our growlers are made of glass so when we take them to be filled, we have to make sure they don't bang against each other. This MIRA growler is made of stainless steel so we don't have that problem with this one!

We've used this growler a lot since we got it. We take it when we go our favorite beer filling station, we get home-brewed beer from a friend, and we pour our favorite bottled beers into the growler when we go to backyard cookouts but don't want to lug an ice chest along. The growler keeps the beer cold & fresh until we are ready to drink it. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill & easy to wash.

We haven't used this growler for anything except beer but it will keep any beverage cold. Or use it in cooler weather for coffee or hot toddies because it keep beverages hot as well.

You can purchase a MIRA Stainless Steel Beer Growler in Black or Brown on Amazon.


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