Monday, March 30, 2015

Perfect for Spring yardwork! 150' Gorilla Hose with Solid Brass Review #ExpandableHose

I've been seeing a lot of advertisements on TV for expandable hoses. I knew that my husband would love to have one but almost every one of them is either too expensive or not long enough or was featured on a "Deal or Dud" segment of our local news & deemed a "dud". Then I was offered the chance to review this 150' Gorilla Hose with Solid Brass & I knew that I could not pass it up.

The hose came packaged in plastic in a box that weighed about 4 pounds. I opened the plastic bag & got the hose out so that we could hook it up to the faucet. The first thing that my husband noticed was that the fittings on both ends are brass, not plastic like those other hoses that we see advertised on TV.

So we hooked the hose up to the faucet & turned it on. Now, I may be easily amused but I had so much fun watching that hose expanding! It was like a giant snake coming to life. Once it had expanded to its full length, which happened really quickly, we turned on the nozzle to see what kind of spray we would get. There is a black switch on the nozzle to turn the water on & off so you don't have to go back to your faucet handle each time you move to a different area of your yard. The water pressure we got is really good for a hose that long.

After watering, we shut the water off & spray until the hose was empty. Then we wind it up on our hose reel. It is SO much easier to wind up than our old rubber hose because it is so lightweight. The only heavy part of this hose are the brass fittings. I'm really happy with this hose because when my husband is at work during the week, I water the garden & backyard so that he doesn't have to do it when he gets home in the evenings.

So. Here is what I think about the 150' Gorilla Hose: We've used this hose every day for almost a month now & have not had any problems at all. It has not kinked or gotten tangled & is easy to pull into even the farthest corners of the backyard. I'm so happy that we have this Gorilla Hose because it makes my job of watering our garden & flowers so much easier. And it's easy to wind it up when I'm finished watering. I love this hose & we're getting rid of all of our old rubber hoses!

You can purchase your own 150' Gorilla Hose on Amazon:


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