Monday, March 30, 2015

Let air in but keep bugs out! Magnetic Screen Door Review #Magneticscreendoor

This is another one of those products that I see advertised on TV every Spring. We have storm doors on both the front & back of our home but, when I had the chance to review this Magnetic Screen Door, my husband knew exactly where he wanted it installed.

The Magnetic Screen Door comes packaged in a plastic sleeve. It is black mesh & measures 83" X 39" so it will fit any standard door opening & will be perfect for use on my husband's backyard shed. He works in the shed with the door open to get air so he gets a lot of bugs in there. With this bug mesh covering the door opening, he will be able to work comfortably without the nuisance of swatting bugs but still have outside air.

When we were ready to install the mesh door, we took everything out of the packaging to see what was included. There were the 2 sides of the mesh door, a roll of Velcro & a bag of thumbtacks. We cleaned the inside door frame & put the self-adhesive Velcro on both sides & along the top. Then we attached the screens to the Velcro. It was a bit tricky getting it lined up but, once we figured out to start at the bottom instead of the top, we got it done & it does fit the door. Then we tested it to see if it really closes after we walk through. The magnets down the center are supposed to close with no gaps each time someone walks through the screen. It wasn't doing that so we decided to leave it alone & let it hang for at least a day since it had been folded up inside the packaging. Then we went back a couple of days later to test it again & it worked much better but still the magnets didn't close completely each time. But it works more often than not, so we will definitely be leaving it where it is because a few bugs are better than the swarms that were usually in the shed.

So. Here is what I think about the Magnetic Screen Door: Since we've had the mesh door installed on the work shed, my husband has been much happier working in there without so many bugs. We did have to use the thumbtacks to keep the top of the magnetic door completely attached to the door frame. It would have been nice to have a sheet of simple instructions included in the package.

This mesh door will allow my husband to work in the shed on his Honey-Do list more comfortably this Spring & Summer with fewer bugs. He's pretty happy that this door is installed.

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