Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Habanero Bloody Mary Mix from Salsa Crazy #bloodymary

At our house we love a good Bloody Mary. And not the kind made with just tomato juice either. We like them with some heat! One of our favorites is from a tavern not far from our house where you can get a Bloody Mary made with sriracha sauce in a glass rimmed with ghost pepper salt. So when I saw this Habanero Bloody Mary Mix from Salsa Crazy, I immediately knew that I needed to try it!

This mix comes in a 750 mL bottle with a colorful label. Dominate the Dance Floor!
I showed the bottle to my husband & told him that we needed to get to the liquor store to restock our vodka so that we could taste test this mix!

 The label shows that this Bloody Mary Mix is made with both Serrano & Habanero Chiles so I knew it was going to be good! We each poured some vodka into our glasses & added some ice, then filled them up with the mix, stirred it with a celery stick & took a taste. There is a thermometer on the label that shows 9/10 on the heat scale. It definitely has some heat! And it is definitely good!

This drink is perfect for Taco Monday or whenever we have any kind of Mexican food for dinner or just with some chips & salsa while we watch our favorite sports on TV.

So. Here is what I think about Habanero Bloody Mary Mix from Salsa Crazy: I love this mix! I love the spiciness! And I like that I've finally found a mix that has enough black pepper in it. I like that it is such a dark red color & not like those mild tomato mixes.

And I'm sure it would be good as a marinade or in soups. I was going to try it in a pot of chili but decided I'd rather drink a cocktail!

So. Bottom line. If you love a good Bloody Mary & are looking for a mix that is both spicy & full of flavor, you have GOT to try this one!

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