Thursday, September 3, 2015

Book Review: Lethal Conspiracy by Dr. Gary Fuller #LethalConspiracy

I'm going to tell you about a suspense thriller that I recently read by Dr. Gary Fuller titled Lethal Conspiracy. The topic of terrorist attacks is something that we should never get complacent about, so this novel made for some very interesting reading. In fact, when I got down to the last few chapters, dinner was late because I just needed to "finish this chapter" but then I couldn't stop reading until I was finished with the book!

Lethal Conspiracy  

"There were three good reasons for them to kill him. 
He was a Jew! He was Israeli! He was Mossad!" 

David Shamir had been undercover as one of a small group of Middle Eastern Muslims working in the United Nations for so long that no one knew that he was actually a member of the Israeli Mossad when he was invited to join a new terrorist group whose goal was to achieve Allah's final Jihad: nuclear war.

Dr. Steven Grant, a political science professor at Columbia University, is a specialist on the Middle East who was recruited by the CIA to uncover that terrorist cell which had formed inside the United Nations. But Dr. Grant was just beginning to recover from a year-long bout with depression that began after the sudden death of his wife & had found happiness again with Dr. Samantha Sorkin, a renowned Clinical Psychologist, when he is asked to go to Iraq with a UN negotiation team to continue his investigation to determine if the terrorists are going to attack from Baghdad.

When Phillip Ratowski, an English-Arabic translator at the U.N. & a patient of Dr. Sorkin, overhears pieces of a conversation that includes the word "bomb", he is murdered outside of his apartment building to ensure his silence. But once the terrorist group learns that Ratowski had been to therapy sessions with Dr. Sorkin, they fear that he may have talked too much. Then they learn of the link between Dr. Sorkin & Dr. Grant so both of them are now targets for elimination.

Can Dr. Grant protect Dr. Sorkin from these terrorists? Can he uncover the terrorist group within the UN before they launch their final Jihad? Can David Shamir stop the terrorist group from within or will they discover his true identity?

This novel is full of action which stretches from the U.N. in New York City to Sadr City in Iraq. Dr. Grant must use all of his wits when he is forced to go up against Hamas militants, the Egyptian Secret Police & even people that he thought were on his side who betrayed him. And weaving it's way through everything is the fact that he is falling in love with Dr. Sorkin. The chapters move easily from one to the next & the character descriptions are so complete that I can visualize the person in my mind.

This is the first novel that I have read by Dr. Fuller & I can't wait to read the sequel! I think this would make a great screenplay or TV mini-series.


I received a paperback copy of this book from the author for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own based on personally reading the novel.