Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We're crazy for CoffeeCrazy's Organic & Fair Trade Blends! #frenchroast #espresso

We drink coffee every day. It is not a good day at our house if we were to run out of coffee. So I was really happy to get to review these Organic & Fair Trade blends from CoffeeCrazy! We drink all types of coffee but I generally prefer a medium to medium-dark roast & my husband likes a darker roast so these were right up our alley.

The first blend that we tried is the Organic & Fair Trade French Roast coffee. This is a blend that my husband really likes but a french roast is a bit dark for me so I usually use a bit more of my creamer to mellow it to my taste. When I opened this bag of coffee & took a whiff, I loved the scent of the beans & they had a glossy dark brown appearance. I ground them in a manual grinder & brewed them in my Keurig brewer. I was pleasantly surprised that had a milder taste than other french roast blends that I have tried. It is very smooth but full of flavor with no bitter taste. I don't have to use nearly as much creamer as I usually do & I even drank it black a couple of times. If you haven't tried French Roast because it is a darker roast than you usually drink, try this one.

Then we tried the Organic & Fair Trade Colombian Roast coffee. This is a coffee blend that both my husband & I enjoy. These beans have a fresh brown appearance & a slightly earthy scent. They smelled wonderful as I ground them & as the coffee brewed. The taste is a perfect medium-bodied taste that I consider a classic cup of coffee. Colombian has always been a favorite at our house & this blend did not disappoint.

And finally we tried the Organic & Fair Trade Espresso Roast coffee. I have never had espresso because I have heard that it is much stronger than coffee with a lot more caffeine. So I was surprised when I opened this bag & didn't get an overpowering aroma from the beans. We don't have a machine specifically for espresso so we decided to try it in our French press. When we tried the coffee, it was not at all what we expected. It did not taste like a dark roast & not as acidic as we had anticipated. It was a  nice taste & we continue to enjoy it. Maybe we didn't get the results that were intended because we used a French press instead of an espresso machine.

Each of these CoffeeCrazy blends come packaged in a 12 ounce resealable bag. They are USDA Organic & non-GMO. These coffee blends are also Fair Trade which helps farmers in developing countries improve the quality of life in their communities by getting a fair price for their product & engaging in environmentally-friendly practices. 

You can purchase each of these coffee blends on Amazon:

CoffeeCrazy Organic & Fair Trade French Roast

CoffeeCrazy Organic & Fair Trade Colombian Roast 

CoffeeCrazy Organic & Fair Trade Espresso Roast

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I received these products for the purpose of testing and review. Regardless, I only recommend products that I personally use and believe will be good for my readers. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own and are based on my personal experience and use of the products.