Thursday, February 5, 2015

So. Here is what I think about....InkJoy Pens by PaperMate #inkjoypens

I love lists. And charts. And calendars. And anything else that will keep me organized & focused on getting everything done that I need to accomplish every day. If something doesn't get written down somewhere, chances are that I will NOT actually complete that task! So when Smiley360 offered a Mission to try these InkJoy pens I knew I was going to love them.

My SmileyKit came with a Smiley360 sticker, a package of InkJoy 300 RT pens in 8 assorted colors, a Shopping List & a $5 WalMart card to purchase another set of pens. When I went to WalMart to buy more pens, my store didn't have a lot in stock but I did find these InkJoy 300 RT Retro design pens in 6 assorted colors, so I was happy.

The pens that came in my SmileyKit are the InkJoy 300 RT pens in these 8 awesome colors:

And the pens that I bought at WalMart are the InkJoy 300 RT Retro pens in 6 assorted colors:

These are all retractable pens with durable metal clips so that you can attach them to your chart or calendar or anywhere you use them but don't want to lose them. The tips are sealed with a tiny ball of was (a Tip Seal) to protect the freshness of the ink. Just remove that & you're ready to go! These pens are really easy to write with & start writing immediately without having to scribble a bit to get them going.

I love the rubberized comfort grips. I don't use online reminders but I do use a LOT of hand-written reminders. So when I'm on a roll making lists, schedules, calendars or any of the other written reminders that I love, I don't want my fingers feeling cramped or aching after writing for a long time.

These pens are so much fun to use! Since I've had them I haven't used my regular old pens at all!

So. Here is what I think about InkJoy Pens: I love all of the colors! It's more fun making my lists & charts when they are color-coded. I like that these pens write so easily without needing a lot of pressure & they don't drag on the paper. I really like the rubberized grips for comfort.

And I like the InkJoy Guarantee: "We guarantee you'll feel the joy with every InkJoy pen. If you don't, drop us a line and we'll make it right."

So. Bottom line. Don't be boring! Use these InkJoy colors to brighten up everything that you write or draw! And these colorful pens will brighten up the pen holder on your desk.

You can find the complete line of InkJoy pens on their website. Or check out their Facebook & Twitter pages.

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I received this product free from Smiley360 for the purpose of my review. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own.