Wednesday, February 25, 2015

So. Here is what I think about....Air Comfy Travel Pillow from Travel Light #AirComfyTravel

It was just last November that I took my very first overseas flight. It was miserable! I thought that I was ready for it until I saw how small the seats back in the Poor Folks section actually are. They definitely were not designed with any sort of comfort in mind! But I thought I would be okay because I had bought one of those U-shaped pillows for my husband & myself so we could sleep. I was wrong! When the pillow was around my neck, it pushed my head forward & made my back ache. When I put it behind me to support my lower back, it pushed my back out too far & made my neck & shoulders ache.

I wish I had this Air Comfy Travel Pillow when we took that trip! But the next time I'm on an airplane, I will definitely have this one with me.

It comes packed inside of a drawstring pouch with an attached carabiner so that you can clip it right onto your carry-on bag so that you don't risk losing it in the airport. It is very light & not bulky at all.

I opened the pouch to see what the travel pillow looks like. It is tightly rolled up to fit into the pouch, so I unrolled it. On one end is the air valve that will self-inflate the pillow.

And there is an elastic band attached to the back of the pillow so that you can slip it over the back of the seat or headrest to keep the pillow in place.

I opened the air valve & the pillow self-inflated. I like that this pillow can be adjusted to your own comfort. If you like it a bit less firm, just open the valve & squeeze some of the air out. If you want it firmer, just blow more air in through the valve. Then when are ready to store it again, just open the valve & start rolling the pillow from the opposite side until all of the air is out. Then close the valve to lock it & put the travel pillow back in the pouch. If it ever needs to be cleaned, you can just wipe it with a damp cloth.

I've used this pillow a lot since I've had it. I use it for lower back support when I sit at the computer for extended periods of time or when I'm driving a long time in the car. If I'm the passenger on those drives, I attach it to my headrest so I can relax & maybe have a nap. I use it for my neck & shoulders when we're sitting at home on the couch watching a movie marathon. This pillow comes in really handy in a lot of everyday situations, not just travel.

So. Here is what I think about the Air Comfy Travel Pillow: I like that this pillow self-inflates & is adjustable. I like the elastic band that holds the pillow in place. I love the attached carabiner because I'm the worst at laying something down & walking away without it. I like that this pillow supports my head & neck but doesn't keep me as immobile as those other travel pillows - I like to be able to turn my head from side to side & chat with my seatmates & this pillow allows that.

And I like that the company backs this product with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

So. Bottom line. If you've tired of those "other" travel pillows that make you feel like your head is in a whiplash collar & you can't look from side to side, then this low-profile travel pillow is what you need. I wish I had known about this before I endured my long flight, but I'm ready now!

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