Thursday, December 18, 2014

So. Here is what I think about....Camry EL10 Electronic Luggage Scale

We recently returned from a vacation in South Africa. About a month before we left, I started gathering up everything that we would need for our trip. One of the biggest chores when getting ready for a trip like this is packing. We knew that we only wanted to check one bag & that we would each have a carry-on plus our personal item to go in the overhead bins. We did not want to have to pay any overweight bag fees or risk that our carry-on luggage would weigh too much & have to be gate-checked, so I wanted to get a reliable luggage scale.

I started searching on Amazon. I checked out the Customer Reviews for several different luggage scales until I found the Camry luggage scale. It looked like exactly what I wanted & the price was right! So I ordered one.

When I opened the box I was happy to see that the scale seemed quite sturdy. I mean, it was going to have to hold at least 50 pounds (but hopefully less!) so it couldn't just be a piece of plastic junk. The company advertises that it will weigh luggage up to 110 pounds so this scale looked like it would do the trick.

So I opened the battery compartment to peel that little plastic strip off & turn it on. This scale does a lot more than just weigh my bags. It will show the weight in either pounds or kilograms.

And it will show the room temperature in either Centigrade or Farenheit! I've never owned a luggage scale before so I never knew that it would care if I was warm enough or not.

But the real test of this scale would only come once we had packed our bags, weighed them & then checked them at the airport to see what those scales read. So we packed our big bag that was going to be checked at the baggage counter & weighed it. The Camry scale showed that it weighed 44.3 pounds & when we got to the airport baggage check, their luggage scale showed that it weighed 44.7 pounds. Close enough for me!

So. Here is what I think about the Camry EL10 Electronic Luggage Scale: When the scale arrived, my only hope was that it would be accurate to within 5 pounds of what the airport luggage scale would read because my intent was to pack my bag at least 5 pounds lighter than the airline weight allowance. But I was very happy that this scale was actually accurate to within 4/10s of a pound. Or maybe that tag that the ticket agent attached to the handle of our bag weighed 4/10s of a pound. Either way, no overweight baggage fees for us!

So. Bottom line. If you need a luggage scale at a good price that is both sturdy & accurate, this is the one for you.  I definitely recommend this product.

I bought mine from right here.