Friday, November 7, 2014

So. Here is what I think about....Kroger Brand Bath & Body Care

I've been shopping at Kroger for as long as I can remember. I buy almost all of my groceries there but have always gone to the big box stores for health & beauty products. I knew that Kroger had aisles of personal care products but I'd never paid much attention to them because I assumed that they would cost more than what I was paying at other stores. So when BzzAgent sent me an Invite to join the Kroger Bath & Body Care campaign, I didn't hesitate.

When my BzzKit arrived, I opened it right up & found a nice variety of products. They sent a package of Makeup Removing & Cleansing Cloths, a big purple bath pouf, a nail brush, a package of 2 Sea Foam Facial Sponges, 2 coupons for free Kroger bath & beauty products, coupons to share with my family & friends and my Official BzzGuide.

I took a look through the BzzGuide & was surprised to see the wide selection of products that Kroger offers for both men & women. I grabbed the 2 coupons for free products & headed straight to my Kroger store to see what they had!

As you can see, the Kroger brand products are displayed right beside the comparable name brand product. It makes it so easy to compare the ingredients, product size & price.

I had been using Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea scent so I looked for that & found the Kroger Nourish Cool Care body wash in the same scent. It was the same body wash, same scent, same size but the Dove cost $5.39 & the Kroger equivalent was only $3.79. So I put one in my basket.

Then I moved over to the lotions. I usually use Vaseline Intensive Care so I found that on the shelf & right beside it I found Kroger Moisturize Replenishing Lotion for Dry Skin. Once again, it was the same lotion, same dry skin formula, same size but the Vaseline brand cost $6.79 & the Kroger equivalent was only $3.67.  So I put one of those in my basket too.

But now comes the real test. Actually trying these products & comparing them to what I had been using.

I tried the Kroger lotion as soon as I got home. It feels creamy & smells great! It absorbs into my skin quickly with no greasy feeling & it lasts a long time. This is the time of year when my skin starts feeling dry so I use lotion all the time. This one hydrates my skin & leaves it feeling smooth to the touch.

I used the Kroger body wash that night when I took my shower. It looks rich & creamy on my pretty purple bath pouf & makes a nice lather. It smells so good while I am using it, clean & fresh without being overbearing. It rinses off easily & there is no filmy soapy feeling on my skin. My skin feels smooth & clean after my shower.

I had 3 sets of these coupons that I shared with my friends & family so that they could also try some of the Kroger bath & beauty products. They always appreciate the chance to try new products & save a bit of money while doing so.

So. Here is what I think about Kroger brand bath & beauty products: I was thrilled to find such a wide variety of products. The 2 that I personally tried were just as good as their name brand equivalent but at a cost that is around half of what the name brand competitors cost.

There are many more products available that I have not tried yet & they also carry a nice selection of products for men that I need to get my husband to try.

So. Bottom line. I will definitely be buying the Kroger products again. For the price, you can't afford not to!

Check out Kroger's website You will find their weekly sales ad as well as digital coupons that you can download to your Kroger Plus shoppers card & much more. You can follow Kroger on Facebook & on Twitter You will find lots of great recipes on their YouTube channel & on their Pinterest page

I received these products free for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.