Thursday, November 6, 2014

So. Are you a Tapper?

Have you discovered Crowdtap yet? I just found this awesome site around the end of August. This site is all about Brand Participation. You can influence brands by providing feedback, you might be chosen to test products & maybe you will win some awesome prizes!

Based on your profile, you will be connected to brands that are relevant to you & your family. Each Brand will have a variety of Actions that you can complete to earn entries into their Crowd Drawing at the end of each month. This is where you can win some great gift cards.

The fun part of this program is the variety of Actions offered on each Brand page.
  • Quickhits are really easy to complete. They are questions that the Brand will ask you to answer. These could be Yes/No, multiple choice or you might be asked to watch a short video & then comment on the contents. You will earn points for these.
  • Challenges can be either Text Challenges or Photo Challenges. Text Challenges usually want more detailed feedback about the product. Photo Challenges will want the product included in the photo & a caption. This is where you can show your creativity. These Challenges will be rated by your fellow Crowdtappers & you can earn Stars for a really great submission.
  • Discussions will have a list of topics that you can respond to. You will also want to add comments to the responses left by other Crowdtappers.
  • Samplings & Parties are the best! Brands will send products to selected Crowdtappers to test at home. First you will answer the preliminary survey questions & submit your application. Then, if you are one of the lucky ones, you'll get an email telling you to claim your spot in the Sampling or Party. The Brand will send products to you to try & you'll provide feedback through a Report where you can include your opinion & submit photos. 
You will earn points by completing these Brand Actions & even more points for each star that you earn. Your participation in the Brand Actions will give feedback & influence Brands & in return each Brand will reward that participation with drawings for Gift Cards at the end of each month. The points that you earn for completing Brand Actions will add up for entries into the drawings. For every 100 points that you earn, you will get 1 entry into the drawing. And if you are one of the Top 100 in points for a Brand at the end of the month, you will be rewarded with 500 more points for that Brand which means 5 more entries into their drawing. If you click on each Brand Page & scroll to the bottom, you'll see what prizes are being offered for that month. The drawings are completely random, but the more points you earn, the more entries you will get & the better your chance that you will win a prize! And getting into the Top 100 & earning more stars will give you a better chance of being chosen for Sampling & Party opportunities.

This site is a lot of fun & winning gift cards or the possibility of being chosen for a Sampling or to host a Party will just make you want to work harder to complete every Action that you can. And if we can influence popular Brands with our feedback & opinions, then we've done our job! 

You can sign up for Crowdtap at & start joining the Brand Crowds that you want to influence. Be sure to follow Crowdtap on Facebook & on Twitter

So. Are you ready to start Tapping?