Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Unboxing....Beauty Joy March 2016

I was really disappointed with my Beauty Joy box last month & had decided that it would be my last from that company, but then I decided to give them one more chance. My March Beauty Joy box arrived yesterday & I realize that I should have gone ahead with the cancellation. 

When I first started this subscription in February 2015, I loved every box that arrived. To me, the presentation is as important as the products & that is an area where Beauty Joy has gone completely downhill. At first the products arrived in a pretty little Tiffany blue box with everything nestled in crinkle paper & wrapped in their cute fleur-de-lis tissue paper. It was like a party in a box! 

But over the months, the cute tissue paper has disappeared & the crinkle paper is long gone. There were months when everything seemed to be just thrown together at the last minute & several times I did not receive the info card that tells about the products. For a couple of months, the products arrived in cute makeup bags but they seemed cheaply made with zippers that were hard to zip.

This beauty subscription ships the same products to everyone so you don't have the option to let them know your style or preferences. Over the months I have received a lot of products that I can never wear because they are not right for my complexion or eye color. But this subscription has jewelry! And that is what kept me coming back....until last month. I only liked one of the products so I decided to stop wasting my money on a subscription that I was no longer happy with & spend my money on others that I really love. 

But then I decided to give them that one last chance.... and I should not have done that. This month the products were just thrown into a gold bubble wrapper. Nothing else. No info card, no pretty box, no makeup case, nothing special. 

Like I said above, the presentation is half the fun of these subscription boxes. So right after I opened the bubble wrapper, I cancelled my subscription. This is what I got in my final Beauty Joy box. 

The eyelashes are a product that I do not wear so those went straight into my Halloween makeup box. The Nivea Creme is nothing special because I can buy that at WalMart. The lip gloss is a color that I will wear so I'll use it but I prefer lipsticks or lip crayons. The four-leaf-clover bracelet is cute so I might wear it but I'll probably give it to my granddaughter. 

I have gotten a lot of nice products that I still use from Beauty Joy but I've gotten a lot that I will never use. Some of the jewelry was my style but I have given a lot of it away. So I'm moving on from this subscription box. If they up their game, I may come back in the future. But for now, it's Goodbye Beauty Joy.